Jukryeokwon ‘Toothbrushing Salt’ contains abundant minerals, and salt is effective in preventing various gum diseases.


Toothbrushing Salt

Jukryeokwon Toothbrushing Salt is made from natural
sea salt from the mudflats along the southwestern coast of Korea.
It is naturally aged for a year or more,
then centrifuged to remove bittern and impurities.


The golden salt of bamboo is from ph10 to 11, It's alkaline salt.


The Shinan-gun mudflat is designated as a clean zone
and UNESCO Biosphere Reserve.
The natural sea salt made from the Shinan mudflats is one of
the richest in minerals in the world.

The salt that is been removed of bittern is
baked at 800 degrees, the melting point of salt,
for over 24 hours using transparent ceramic materials.
Through this process, harmful organic compounds, heavy metals,
and microplastics are perfectly removed to leave pure mineral salt.

If using salt to brush teeth, the salt’s sterilizing, anti-infectant,
and detoxifying effects work as a natural antibiotic to improve
the body’s immunity and prevent tooth decay,bad breath, and esophagitis.


Jukryeokwon Toothbrushing Salt Usage How-to

  • TYPE.1

    Plaque removing

    Sprinkle on your toothbrush over toothpaste.

  • TYPE.2

    Strong gums

    Dip salt up to half or a third of your toothbrush.
    If you use only salt, you may occasionally bleed due to coarse particles.
    Salt may be difficult to use the first time,
    so try transitioning into it by sprinkling a small amount onto your toothpaste.

  • TYPE.3


    Mix a little toothbrushing salt into a glass of water and gargle after brushing teeth.


When gargling with salt, osmotic pressure in the mouth helps fluid in cells to rise and keep the throat and mouth moist.
A dry mouth is prone to tooth cavities and a furred tongue, causing bad breath.
Saltwater gargling can help keep the mouth moist and is effective in improving bad breath.

Characteristics of
heat-wired electric kiln

Impurities, such as tar or harmful organic compounds, are not generated at all.
Dioxinn does not occur because salt is baked by a special processing kiln rather than a direct fire.

Production Process

  • Ingredients purchased

    01. Ingredients purchased

    Natural sea salt made in Korea
  • 1st bittern removal

    02. 1st bittern removal

    Transportation and Storage
  • 2nd bittern removal

    03. 2nd bittern removal

    CHECK POINT The brine contains minerals
    and toxins such as
    magnesium chloride, sodium chloride, calcium chloride
    and magnesium boride,
    which coagulate fats
    and proteins
    in the human body.
  • Baked in special manufacturing kiln

    04. Baked in special manufacturing kiln

    Baked 24 hours or more at 800 degrees
  • Insertion and mixing

    05. Baked salt is mixed with Jukryeok

  •  Drying 60°C for more than 12 hours.(Water 0.3% or less)

    06. Dried for 10 or more hours at 60 degrees

    0.3% or less moisture
  • Ground by granule size

    07. Ground by granule size

  • Packed

    08. Packed

  • Released

    09. Released

The principal constituent of Jukryeok (Bamboo extract)

⁕자료출처 : 다산생명과학원(09.06.08)
Test-Inspection Items Result Test-Inspection Items Result
Ingredient Total sugar content(g/100g) 5.1416 Amino acids Glutamic acid(mg%) 2.12
Crude saponin(mg/g) 17.5804 Proline(mg%) 60.90
Potassium(mg/100g) 763.5148 Glycine(mg%) 4.81
Calcium(mg/100g) 6.3440 Alanine(mg%) 22.75
magnesium(mg/100g) 0.0427 Valine(mg%) 0.83
Vitamin A(μgRE/200g) 142.3096 Methionine(mg%) 0.44
Vitamin B2(mg/100g) 0.0879 Leucine(mg%) 1.03
Vitamin B6(mg/100g) 0.0515 Tyrosine(mg%) 1.80
Amino acids Phosphoserine(mg%) 1.56 Phenylalanine(mg%) 0.91
Aspartic acid(mg%) 11.19 β-Alanine(mg%) 1.00
Threonine(mg%) 2.34 γ-Aminobutyric acid(mg%) 28.83
Serine(mg%) 7.66 Ornithine(mg%) 0.98
Asparagine(mg%) 132.72 Total free amino acid(mg%) 281.9

The principal constituent of Jukryeok Golden Salt

⁕자료출처 : 한국기능식품연구원(2020.02.03)
Test-Inspection Items Standard Result
Lead(mg/kg) 2.0 or less 0.1
Arsenic(mg/kg) 0.5 or less 0.0
Moisture(%) 5.5 or less 0.3
Mercury(mg/kg) 0.1 or less 0.0
Sodium chloride(%) More 35.0 95.7
Cadmium(mg/kg) 0.5 or less 0.0
Ferrocyanide ion(g/kg) 0.010 or less Not detected
Sulfate ion(%) 5.0 or less 1.1

Use with no worries.
Production plant view and clean facilities

  • factory entrance

    Factory entrance

  • factory front view

    Factory front view

  • distilled water maker

    Distilled water maker

  • centrifugal separator

    Centrifugal separator

  • extraction . concentrator


  • special electric furnace

    Specially made electric kiln