Welcome to Jukryoekwon

I sincerely thank you for visiting the Jukryeokwon homepage.
We, in our current society, pursue eco-friendliness and hope for a long and healthy life.
I would like to introduce Jukryeokwon to all contemporary citizens who wish to live a healthy life in tandem with
nature. Nature, health, and human happiness are what we all dream of. At Jukryeokwon, we produce natural
health foods to make this dream a reality.

We strive for both consumer health and profits by caring for the stressed population of those living modern lives
by providing healthy foods. Jukryeokwon nurtures consumer health by providing luxury salts produced
with one of the most mineral-packed salts in the world from the southwest
coast of South Jeolla Province, Korea. This natural sea salt is baked at 800 degrees for 24 hours,
removing all harmful substances and combined with bamboo extract.

Jukryeokwon values LOHAS, what 21st century consumers pursue.
We will try our utmost best to become a dynamic
company that researches and develops health functional foods to help individuals, families,
and society lead healthier and better lives.

Classification Contents
Organization Name Jukryeokwon Co.,Ltd.
Representative number +82-2-6344-7521
Date of Establishment 2008.6.25
Location 161, Saneum-gil, Hancheon-myeon, Hwasun-gun, Jeollanam-do, Korea
Produced Items Processed salt, Traditional Foods, Beauty Products
Main Facilities Company Production Plant(O), Registration(O)
Production Plant Site : 3,029m2
Production Plant Building : 825m2